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2011-05-30 16:24:14 by KurtWilder2027

Thank god its almost over. I have a week left of school and I can not wait till its over with. I can't wait to start singing the summer time blues. I gotta find a job though. I need some green backs. Then in the fall I start community college. I am not excited about all the work I have to do. Oh well, live goes on...

Summer plans?



2011-05-04 16:02:25 by KurtWilder2027

Well, I have prom coming up soon. I plan to take my girlfriend and then go to after prom. I have spent a shit ton of money on this entire thing. And its all just for one night. If I didn't go my parents would kill me it being my senior prom.

Anyone on here have an interesting prom memory?

I sure as hell do. I logged into my yahoo just now and found like, 187 E-mails. Most of it was youtube related. My account is if anyone feels like messaging me. Now a pic for your pleasure.

Hey does anybody remember E-mails?


2011-04-27 12:57:19 by KurtWilder2027

I haven't been on in a while. Did I miss anything imortant? Never mind I don't really want to know...ummm...damn. I've got nothing to say. Well, for those who care about what I have to say let me bring you up to speed about my life.

I've finally turned 18 like two months ago. It feels good to buy cigarettes and lottery tickets legally. I could join the army but lets be serious here, why the hell would I? Talk about wasting my time... I have a girlfriend that I am about to have a half a year anniversary with. We first hooked up back in October. I have never been so happy in my life... Incidentaally, I was clinically depressed and now I am on meds. I didn't even know that I was depressed, but in hind sight I could see how I was.

Enough about me, tell me how you people are?