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Re: Wooooooo!!!

2015-06-25 06:00:37 by KurtWilder2027

Man, already a year? Shit, I've been a lazy bastard! Let me clue you nonexistant people into all the things that have changed in my life...

- PODCASTS! I love'm! In particular, the Attitude Era Podcast, OSW Review (a video podcast), and the New Generation Project Podcast. Did I mention they wrestling podcasts? I probably should have led off with that... anyway, go watch them if you fancy hearing people chat about old wrestling shows.

- NEW PROJECTS! I don't fucking have any!

- ABSOLUTLY FUCK ALL! Seriously, NOTHING has changed in my life. Same crummy job, same dickhole friends, same semi-supportive family... I'd be so depressed about that if I gave a shit. I'd hate to be me when I do...

Any how, I may or may not leave a new post more frequently than every year. Not like any of it matters as the likely hood of anybody reading this is slim to fucking none. This is more or less for me, just so I don't lose my mind... or so people can read about it as it happens.

Anyway people, have a nice existance, and as always...



Now time for the...

Post-Post Questionnaire

As anĀ insentive to have people leave a comment I shall ask a question every time I post something. This post's question is...

How did you come to find Newgrounds?


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2015-06-25 23:36:47

i wish i was around for a year :3
there are people who do read ur blog.
i am one of them.
things get better you seem cool
i have come to find newgrounds some a friend of mine whose on it and only uses it for video games/ after i made an account i got way too addicted

KurtWilder2027 responds:

Fantastic! Either my mind has created complex hallucinations (which sounds SUPER fun), or there are actual people on the internet! How exciting...

This site can be waaay fun. It's why I keep coming back!


2015-06-26 00:35:19

there are actual people on this website just gotta watchout for the assholes
but this site is fantastic. i have met good friends on here

KurtWilder2027 responds:

Yeah, where there are people, there are assholes.

I have had a lot of good friends on here too. Just none of them stuck around. It's just me now!


2015-06-26 01:28:58

i hope you make new ones :)

KurtWilder2027 responds:

Here's hoping friend!