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Well, shit. I'm single now.

2011-07-09 02:01:10 by KurtWilder2027

I broke up with my girlfriend today. Things weren't working out and we agreed to split. I'm ok for the most part, I'm just neck deep in Jagermister and eggs.

So, how are you people?


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2011-07-09 02:18:57

i`m fine...sorta depressed though.

KurtWilder2027 responds:

I feel ya man. But things will get better for the both of us.


2011-07-09 02:34:25

sorry to hear that, hope everything gets better.

KurtWilder2027 responds:

Me too. I hate to be drinking again but I need something...


2011-07-09 02:40:02

That sucks. Break-ups never end well.

Nice choice of drink, though. And I appreciate the comment.

KurtWilder2027 responds:

Haha yeah, I love the cough syrup taste of it.


2011-07-09 02:55:45

That's exactly what I say. Probably why I love the taste of NyQuil.

KurtWilder2027 responds:

Nice. Some say it tastes like black licorice. I don't taste it though.


2011-07-09 03:50:05

I don't really know what it's like when you break up with someone, but I hope you feel better without the help of alcohol.

And thank you for suggesting FLCL on my page. :)

KurtWilder2027 responds:

Honestly me too. I shouldn't have been drinking.


2011-07-09 21:00:57

ouch sorry man but its dakest before the dawn or something like that

KurtWilder2027 responds:

Haha yeah.


2011-07-11 02:09:58

i have some Captain Morgan here, :P
yeah. lately here, one friends threatening suicide, another is depressed.. all around, like, alot of reasons. family/love/bodily/mental/'friend/ ect issues.
skimming skimming, another friend has a girl he was with and has a crush on still, whos getting heavy into drugs and partying and he's more or less the opposite of all of that, *skims through list* oh. and Caleb (goodfriend) depressed because he cant pass his damn drivers exam, and he's been 6 times, and he knows if i see em i'll beat his ass. we spent 4 hours total studying it!

KurtWilder2027 responds:

Yeah, I know what its like to be depressed. Hell, I'm medicated for it.


2011-07-13 09:47:26

Wow man im sorry,but not get depressive

KurtWilder2027 responds:

I'm trying not to.


2011-07-13 19:26:01

hey. good thing about being single? get to go and find someone that will last with ya.
i can get depressed, dont get me wrong, but i found the secret to non depression, for me at least, when i was 10-14 which is when i was really really depressed.
that is, a cryptic bad sense in humor, and que sera sera, or, what will be will be. favorite saying.


2011-07-13 19:27:54

i lied on accident, second favorite. first is 'the quieter you become, the more you are able to hear'

KurtWilder2027 responds:

Deep stuff.


2011-07-15 20:52:02

i feel sorry for you man

KurtWilder2027 responds:



2011-07-22 16:53:22

Hope things get better for ya...

As for me, I almost failed math, but I passed at the last minute because I'm awesome (or not, considering I failed in the first place.) Apart from that, I'm cool. Pff, I'm so sheltered... Not that I'm complaining. I hate going outdoors *is a stereotypical artist*.

Oh, I also made a new version of wolf!Hank. rkeyressa/level-colab-30-wolf-hank-v-
Better, no? :D Hope it cheers you up... (More than that Jagermister and those eggs, anyway...)

(I take it back. Eggs are awesome. Especially when fried.)


2011-08-31 02:29:17

I remain suspicious; A lot of dudes will say it was mutual or their decision to cover up insecurity. Perhaps this is not the case, but I see it a lot. And especially in a school of nearly all athletic participants (you might say jocks). To explain, I go to a school of approximately 650 or so; about 70% of the entire school is involved in one or more sports. A lot of my teammates deal with breakups that way. XD


2011-08-31 02:30:18

I suppose that it can be explained by the "Alpha Male" mentality...